What 100 euros could look like in a week - Week Two?

Blog Entry #1

In this series of blogs, we comparee the performance of our daily recommendations with the FAANG stocks, Dow Jones Industrial Average (DJIA) index, S&P 500 index, the three major cryptocurrencies by market cap and the Amsterdam Stock Index (AEX). The objective of the blog is to highlight how consistent and strategic betting (link to the previous blog) could yield better returns than the conventional stock market. The comparison and strategy are explained below.


The comparison is made by assuming that an equal amount of 100 euros is put in each of these stocks, index and crypto currency, while 100 euros is the weekly budget for sports betting on the recommendations from www.aibetzy.com. Investing is simply straightforward - you buy and leave it there for the week.. This assumption ignores the complications of High Frequency Trading, and of making multiple trades. The assumption is made to ensure that time consumed is minimal and almost identical in all investment options.


aiBetzy strategy is to place the same amount of money on every match during the week. Do not change this stake during the week. You could also keep the same stake for a month and make it safer. Time taken to place these bets in total for the week currently would be thrice the single investment made in stocks, and roughly twice for the cryptos. It is mainly because it takes time to match the trades in stocks and cryptos, whereas, sports bet is placed instantaneously. The strategy for aiBetzy is explained next in detail.


So, you have 100 euros for betting. Because you are sure that you will receive 14 bets in the week - 2 recommendations daily - So, per match you will bet 7.15 euros. Continuing with this stake, if we add our profits and losses (registered users can download old data), we will make an overall profit of 2.9 euros in the week. This is 3% profit in a week, which is the best amongst the compared stocks and cryptos for the week beginning 19th January, 2019 to 25th January, 2019. We do the comparison from Friday to Friday in order for us to allow time to push this weekly report.


Sometimes, we could be busy and unable to push this weekly report. So, best is for yourself to keep a record on your own.


Disclaimer: The financial and betting discussions in this blog are not meant as directions for investing or gambling. aibetzy.com is not liable for the results of your gambling activity, even if you follow the recommendations in the site. Gambling is a high risk activity. Hence, any actions taken based on discussions in this website or this blog are at the sole discretion of the reader of this blog and the user of the website. aibetzy.com does not recommend strategy and does not incur any liability for any actions taken based on the recommendations in this website. The reader gambles or invests at their own risk.

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