Super Bowl 53 Match winner prediction

Blog Entry #3

We wait excitedly on the eve of Super Bowl 53 for a young quarterback - Jared Goff - and coach take on the #GOAT Brady and arguably the greatest coach in NFL of all time. Both teams are offensive in nature, i.e. they win games with high scores. Although most teams think the game will be close, we anticipate Brady and Patriots to win it comfortably.

The comfortable win will be due to the familiarity of Brady and the Patriots with the Super Bowl craze, attention and atmosphere. They have been here almost every other season since 2014. While Brady and Patriots come with so much experience and familiarity to the Super Bowl, Goff and the Rams are a young team and will take some time - maybe 1st quarter - to get used to the crowd, the game and the atmosphere.


Between the calm and collected Nick Foles of 2018 Super Bowl and the shell shocked Cam Newton of 2016, I believe Goff’s mentality leans more towards the latter. This was evident also in the Championship play-off against the Saints where a ‘No-Call’ allowed the Rams to win the match.

Additionally, Brady will be seething to avenge the last second fumble in the previous Superbowl, and won’t need any more motivation to win this Super Bowl again.


Skillwise and ability wise, there is little to separate the two teams, but it is the experience of Brady and Patriots in Super Bowl which makes them favourites. The ‘pick-em’ like odds presents huge value in placing your wager on Patriots to win the Super Bowl.



New England Patriots to Win at odds of 1.81


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