Bookmaker review two: Unibet

Unibet is one of the best if not the best bookmaker there

Unibet is arguably one of the oldest online bookmakers. With its green colour background and easy navigation, Unibet is very enticing to use.

Some benefits of betting with Unibet are the live streaming of almost every match in the world except for the English Premier League. One can avail this streaming service by keeping a balance as low as 0.1 euros. However, in order to achieve this balance, you must make an initial deposit of minimum 5 euros. The limitation with the streaming service is that it does not have a pop-out window, so if you want to watch the match, you have to keep it open in the window.

Beware that if you are solely depositing for the purpose of streaming and want to keep a minimum balance of 0.1 euros then depositing 5 euros is not the best option because the minimum withdrawal is 15 euros.

Another advantage of Unibet are the umpteen promotions and free Sportsbets you receive. I can stay with full confidence that I have received the maximum number of free Sportsbet from Unibet. Another of their promotions is mostly in Profit Boosts which can range from 20% to 40% depending on the odds.

Another advantage of Unibet is the better odds in Soccer compared to other sportsbook bookies. However, this advantage is only limited to Soccer. In other sports the odds are lower and the cashouts are really bad. You can lose 5-8% of a bet immediately after placing a bet.

With regards to liquidity, they offer a maximum of 250000 euros on a non-soccer related match, and 500000 euros for Soccer match final result. This amount of liquidity in sports book is very high.

Depositing and withdrawing money is very simple and have all options ranging from Credit Cards - only deposits - to Online payments through various platforms. Credit card deposits are free of charge.

With regards to gambling addiction, they have an automatic control buttons which are really handy to use if you are using a system or want to take a break from it. The time options range from 1 day to 6 months or even a complete closure of the accounts if requested.

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