A review of the first 250 predictions and counting

Blog Entry #6

Wow, what a ride it has been since we publicly posted the first bet from the algorithm in November last year. Wild swings, crazy matches, huge upsets and near-wins into losses sums up the first 250 bets at aiBetzy. Distinct patterns have evolved across sports and leagues in terms of prediction accuracy and bookmakers’ odds along with the respective profits and loss.


We reached 250 bets with an accuracy of 76%, i.e. as expected. Consistently keeping the accuracy above 75% was the goal and is the service we provide our customers who tally in double figures after approximately 100 days from the first publicly posted prediction, 60 days since our first paid customer. As of today out total members’ count is in double figures.


Some stats from our first 250 predictions are mentioned below:

1. Best continuous run of predictions: 13

2. Best sports in accuracy: Soccer

3. Best sports in yield: American Football

4. Highest odds in correct predictions: 3.2 (Philadelphia Eagles versus LA Rams in the regular season 2018-2019)

5. Worst accuracy per week: 60%

6. Overall yield: -2.44%

7. Safest bet lost: Man City’s loss to Newcastle


Although not as impressive as we would like them but nevertheless a good start and a good first quarter of predictions. In the next 250 predictions, we highly expect to break all these stats barring the highest odds.


The above data does not take into consideration the high-odds predictions we make in our weekly blog.


This week’s prediction:

Liverpool to beat Man Utd (Draw No Bet) at odds 1.85

We are on a streak in these weekly predictions: 3/3

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