A review of February, 2019

Blog Entry #7

In this blog, we will present the numbers for the month of February, 2019. Considering the same parallels of the same stake on each bet as mentioned in our previous blogs, the numbers are presented below and in highlighted in the cover image of the blog.


Total number of predictions: 48

Wrong prediction: 12

Correct predictions: 36

Accuracy: 75%

Overall Profits: 0.84 units

Total Profits: 1.8%


For our new readers, the same stake strategy is explained as follows. Same stake strategy means that you place the same amount of money on every bet for a given period of time. After the given period of time, you evaluate your profits and losses to calculate the yield on your portfolio. For the record, Same-stake strategy is the worst betting strategy ever, but we recommend it mainly because after trusting our service, you can develop more profitable strategies of your own and its easy for us to record our own performance.


Free prediction for the weekend:

Barcelona to win (Draw no Bet) at 1.72 odds against Real Madrid on 2ndMarch, 2019


We have correctly predicted 3 bets and 1 bet was void in this weekly predictions during the month of February.


Disclaimer: The financial and betting discussions in this blog are not meant as directions for investing or gambling. aibetzy.com is not liable for the results of your gambling activity, even if you follow the recommendations in the site. Gambling is a high-risk activity. Hence, any actions taken based on discussions in this website or this blog are at the sole discretion of the reader of this blog and the user of the website. aibetzy.com does not recommend strategy and does not incur any liability for any actions taken based on the recommendations in this website. The reader gambles or invests at their own risk.

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