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Betzy provides affordable, consistent, AI-enhanced betting predictions that have a winning track record of over 75%.

Bet on Betzy's Predictions and win more often on sport bets

Betzy's Tennis Accuracy

Chart Data updates as Betzy's predictions are resolved

Move to a Winning Record Fast

The first 15 days of your subscription are free. You get at least 30 match recommendations free to help you on your way to a winning record. A subscription to Betzy's Match Predictions starts with 15 days free. Afterwards, you will be charged € 5 per month, plus applicable fees and VAT (+ €1,05). You can cancel your subscription any time using your PayPal account.

Upgrade Your Betting Record
Without the Effort

By betting on Betzy's Match Predictions you reap the benefit of Big Data Match Analysis that serious sport bettors use but without the effort. Betzy does the hard work of applying algorithmic analysis to Daily Match Data so you don't have to.

Focus on Winning over Time

Bet on Betzy's recommendations and Betzy's track record becomes your track record. Betzy has a consistent winning record of over 75% over time.

Use Your Preferred Bookmaker

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There is no bookmaker lock-in when using Betzy. Just log in to to view Betzy's Match Predictions for the day, then place the bet with your favorite bookmaker.

Is it Liverpools to lose?

Manchester United Liverpool

Fair enough to say, its a title match

Inter versus Juventus

Two teams in transition looking for old glory

Manchester United versus Arsenal

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